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Dear all,

Seven years ago, as I stopped my career as a professional golfer, a new national circuit for the French professional golfers was, certainly a need, but especially a huge challenge for a redeployement!


However, today, as the company France Pro Golf Tour comes to its eighth year of existence, I can only be delighted by the results since it appears that several golfers from the new generation of the French professional golfers have a “France Pro” tournament under their name so as Mickaël Lorenzo-Vera, Grégory Bourdy, Christophe Brazillier,…


My first idea was to create competitions to enable them to improve their golf and become more competitive. Today, I can easily say that, supported by my team, I finally succeeded!

Thanks to all of our partners, we manage to make our way from the first Bordeaux Open in 2001 to a 4 now well-known tournaments in 2008, tournaments that belong the the French professional tour, the AGF-ALLIANZ Golf Tour .


An important media coverage and a very dynamic communication policy turns each one of our events to become a real popular fair where everyone comes to follow our champions.

Now and definitely, we can say that being on a France Pro Golf Tour tournament is a way to share a new image of golf !

Jean-Charles Cambon
France Pro Golf Tour Director and Promoter.

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